Message from the MD Dwayne Griffin,

GRAND DESIGNS LIVE 1018, WOW what can I say a truly eye-opening and exhilarating experience. This being our first exhibition I was a little anxious how we would come across with our shou sugi ban products and whether people would “get” what we were doing. Well, how wrong was I!!

From the first hour we were getting fantastic feedback and genuine interest obviously not everyone liked what we were doing but that’s ok that’s what gives us our character, diversity and choice but fundamentally the product sold itself and for the most part, was extremely well received. We have pipelined lots of business and created some great connections.

The show as a whole is unbelievable and the amount on offer is as far reaching as it is diverse and offers people not only ideas and insight but the great opportunity with that in mind I was quick to book a bigger space for next years event GRAND DESIGNS 2019 WHICH WE WILL BE SHOWCASING BIGGER AND BETTER! We hope to see you there!!