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Carbon by Design is an Award winning Unique Charred Wood Fabrication Service based in the rolling hills of Halifax West Yorkshire. Born out of a passion for Wood our young and enthusiastic team led by a highly driven Managing Director have helped to develop age old methods of Charring timber. Using modern techniques and building our own unique machine we are able to produce a high standard of Finishes suitable for all kind of purpose.

What We Do

We are a fashion led company with modern and contemporary products to help lead the way” says Dwayne Griffin the MD. Wood is such a natural product to use and its all around us all the time. Everywhere we go wether its a restaurant or the shops or the home there is wood. We simply want people to see the beauty of it and believe we have the products that would make the change to any environment. It could be a feature wall in your house or apartment or it could be the exterior wall of your house, or garden office.

3D wood wall panels

Carbon by Design is a company specializing in 3D wood wall panels and decorative wood siding. Do you want to decorate your interior, dress your wall and give a design and modern side to your bedroom, living room or bathroom? We have everything you need, let yourself be seduced by our wall panels based on various wood species: pine, fir, spruce, oak, alder, work. No more flat walls for your interior decoration choose innovative, design and ecological wall coverings: give Life to Your Walls!

3D Wood wall panels are an innovative product for wall decoration. Every panel is unique and handmade using various tree species, different lengths, widths and thickness of details are combined on the base to create the 3d effect.

For base of our panels a ‘Carbon Block’ Finish is used. This  ECO friendly product  has been developed and manufactured entirely in compliance with the current demand of ecological living,focused on organic materials.

Our 3d panels are a beautiful mix of shades and textures and even a small covering would bring a style, warmth and feature to any wall in any room. 3d wall panels are suitable for every room in the house, kitchen, bathroom or living room we can offer a wide choice to suit all needs.

How we do what we do

we have also travelled the world to bring you some of the most innovative bespoke timber solutions from 3D wall panelling to garden space solution at cost effective solutions.

Still have questions?

Charred timber can last a very long time and has been around for centuries. The Japanese techniques that we use should help the wood to stay in very good condition for many years but may differ depending on where it has been fitted. For instance in a south facing environment where the timber gets a lot more Sun it will fade off a bit sooner than say a North facing or sheltered environment.


All our products are virtually maintenance free due to the Yakisugi techniques we use.

Approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

We use Siberian Larch and Accoya mainly but if you have a request for any other types of timber then please call us and we will try our best to help

Yes the Nature of the burn does give you some level of fire retardant but we can also provide full fire resistance and certification using our Fire retardant Treatment.

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