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Biochar is a soil amendment created by the pyrolysis of biomass. The carbon-rich biochar is then added to soils to improve fertility and water-holding capacity. Biochar also enhances the ability of soils to sequester carbon from the atmosphere.

Improving Soil Health & Fertility Using Biochar

One of the most common uses for biochar is as a soil amendment. Biochar can improve soil health by increasing nutrient retention and water filtration, while also reducing compaction and improving drainage. Additionally, biochar has been shown to be beneficial for both soil health and fertility.

Biochar is beneficial to plant growth due to its moisture and nutrient retention properties. Moreover, biochar aids in soil structure building by improving drainage and aeration. Enriched biochar added to compacted soils helps improve the water and nutrient-holding ability of the earth.

Is Biochar Better Than Compost?

At a first glance, compost and biochar might not seem to have much in common. However, both can be beneficial when used in soil.

The process of making biochar involves cooking organic material without oxygen to produce a charcoal-like substance. This can be done by burning biomass, such as wood. Biochar has many beneficial uses in the garden.

When you compost, you break down organic materials into a nutrient-rich soil amendment that improves plant growth through better water retention and increased levels of nutrients.

Biochar is extremely beneficial for compacting the soil, as well as increasing fertility and water-holding capacity. This makes it ideal for growing vegetables, trees, shrubs and plants. Biochar can also be mixed into potting mixtures to provide extra benefits when growing houseplants or seedlings.

Is Biochar Safe For Gardens?

Although it has a long history of being used as a soil amendment, there is no evidence that biochar (also known as black gold) is hazardous to humans, animals or plants. However, when working with any gardening product, it’s always advisable to use the appropriate safety gear.

You can feel confident applying our products in your garden, even if you have pets or small children. Some animals may be attracted to certain ingredients in the product, but it won’t harm them. You can reduce the temptation by burying the product deep into the ground.

Benefits of Biochar

Biochar has a number of benefits for soil health and fertility. When added to soil, biochar helps:

  • Retain water and nutrients, which helps improve plant growth
  • Improve drainage and aeration
  • Reduce compaction
  • Sequester carbon from the atmosphere

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