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Our Yakasugi and 3D wood wall Panel range

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Yakasugi Range

Anthricite Accoya

All our products have been put through an intense burn and Anthricite Accoya is no Different. The soft sensual white finish is achieved using our own blend of water based dyes and oils. When locked in with Carbon Block this product will last for year”s indoors or outdoors.

Crimson Larch

A very deep reddish brown finish. Our own blend of water based dyes and oils are used to create this deep red tone that looks great indoor and outdoor.

Dragon Accoya

For a heavy charred graphite crackle finish you could not get a better wood than Accoya. Almost uniformed in its formulation and very long lasting and durable. Suitable for internal or external use.

Dragon Larch

Like our shadow larch with a heavier burn Dragon larch is inspired by the traditional methods used for many generations by the Japanese. The heavy burn is deliberate so over a period of time this will peel back. When treated with our Carbon Block as well as our own blend of oils, The Dragon Like effect can be locked in to avoid this type of weathering. Can be used both Inside and out.

Emerald Larch

Natural Dyes are used to create our stunning Emerald Larch. Sea green tones emphasise the contours of the Larch and its grain. Also Available in Blue

Heather Larch

Stunning tones from purples to blues especially when finished with our oils. Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor use.

Shadow Accoya

Almost velvet like in texture and charred to a black finish. Suitable for all kinds of insulations Indoor or out. A further finish of Carbon Block will further intensify the shadow effect. Almost the perfect Blackwood finish.

Shadow Larch

Shadow Larch from our signature collection is one of our most popular finishes. Rich dark tones with silvery highlights help make the stunning details of the Larch wood’s grain stand out in almost any light.

Smoked Accoya

A luxurious milk chocolate finish with hints of Dark veins throughout. This stunning finish will enrich any project. Suitable both indoor and out.

Smoked Larch

A very simple process with a striking effect of subtle chocolate like undertones. Mainly used for interior but can be used on outdoor projects. This may fade over a period of time when used externally.

Whiskey Larch

Very similar to smoked Larch with the addition of Oils. Rich colours from reds to orange, yellow and browns.

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